About Us

Founded in 1995, our company has become over the years a major player in the VIP car development industry.

We export our vehicles throughout the world mainly in Europe but also in Russia, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus and United States.

Our factory use the best technology for the realization of our high-end vehicles.

Rovelver Vip Auto Design has earned its customers trust by the quality and finish of its equipment.

With his experience and expertise, Rovelver is to guide you through the process of achieving your vehicle from start to finish.

We also provide finance solutions of your vehicles ownership through our financial department.

Rovelver Vip Auto Design is represented in famous cities such Paris , London, New York , Dubai or Shanghai through its international network.

Our Mission

Your comfort, the realization of your dreams and the value for your money are the main key-factors for us. Our label became in the past years one of the best names in the area of “VIP Car Interieur Design” throughout Europe.


Allow us to refurbish the interior of your vehicle and create a cabin environment that reflects your individual personality or company image.
Our craftmen transform your vehicle’s interior with experienced engineers through the design process with you, capturing your preferences and moulding them into a custom design.

Drawing on our extensive product knowledge, we handselect only the very finest leather, materials, fixtures and fittings to ensure that your vehicle’s interior combines high-end style with the ultimate luxury and comfort. You can rely on the Rovelver VIP Design- Team to create a first-class interior, unique for you and your vehicle.