Project Description

Mercedes-Benz V-Class Business-SC VIP Van

• Ceiling Revalver Starry Sky Lighting with multi colour function
• Thermal and acoustic insulation for reducing noise
• Alcantara coating & Mahagony wood & Bentley Nappa leather
• VIP partition wall with integrated electrically driving 32” LED TV
• Seating: Mercedes-Benz S-Class with footrest & 2x Mercedes-Benz ML-Class
• Refridgerator 21 L (+ 5 – 18 ° C)
• Nespresso Coffee machine, Mini bar
• Incorporated PlayStation 4, Apple TV, Internet Modem 4G
• Control station iPad mini with charge station integrated in the armrest
• 2x Electrically folding tables
• Cinema System Harman Kardon 5.1
• 2x USB interface to HQ Sound System & 220V plug integrated
• Carema System Quattro function (front, rear, km/h, media)

Mercedes-Benz VIP Van – Rovelver Business Edition

Based on the Mercedes-Benz Vito, V-Class and Sprinter, the Rovelver Business product variant offers the right VIP design for your daily business. The Business Edition is designed for vehicle use in the form of a company car and a mobile office. A vis-à-vis seating arrangement with fully electric G-Class seats, electrically opening tables, a refrigerator with a minibar and a Nespresso coffee machine allow for professional meetings and wellbeing until you have reached your destination. A 32-inch QLED TV, which can be electrically submerged in the partition, allows you to watch news, switch off with Apple TV or even hold qualitative video conferences. So you can use your precious time efficiently and just as you wish.

All necessary office activities can be carried out comfortably and practically in the vehicle and thus on the entire route. Mobile Internet in connection with various power connections, such as USB, HDMI and 220 V for laptop use, allow briefings with business partners or even personal video conferences, which are often also helpful for business transactions. A safe with fingerprint recognition offers you the opportunity to keep your valuables safe and an intercom system to communicate with your driver in complete privacy.

All electronics in the VIP rear area can be operated via the Rovelver Remote System (©RRS) on a portable iPad mini or the Voice Control System (©VCS) by voice control. An interior design that fully meets your needs and expectations can be created and become real.